Gold Creek Corporate Films

Gold Creek Corporate Films prides itself on telling stories. We believe every client has many stories to tell. Some are small and some are big.

Some stories represent large concepts and some stories are simply that, just small anecdotes illustrating a single thought or idea.

The team at Gold Creek is dedicated to helping you find your stories, tell your stories and getting them out to as broad an audience as possible.

From concept to completion, and beyond, we bring a team of outstanding professionals to work.

Once we develop your story and move into production we provide cameramen who have shot for broadcast television and use much of the same equipment found on any film lot in Hollywood. Our editors have worked on television shows and feature films. And to make sure your video works the way it’s supposed to we’ve brought on social media and Youtube experts who have experience working with major advertising agencies and marketing companies.

Gold Creek Corporate Films also prides itself on being a good member of the community. We work with local universities to bring interns on so they can gain experience and even make a little extra money for school.

Gold Creek also is a proud supporter of The Imagination Connection, a non-profit mobile arts organization which takes the arts to Developmentally Disabled Adults, Alzheimer’s patients, Seniors, At-Risk Youth and Veterans.

Gold Creek Corporate Films is a member of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.

Gold Creek Corporate Films is a division of Gold Creek Films which produces award winning documentaries and programming for television and home video.
Its series on the desert regions of the West has aired on PBS stations and is sold in parks and museums throughout the Southwest. Producer Ted Faye has had his work featured on Showtime Network and Production VP James Hall has shot programming for all of the major networks.

Ted Faye

Ted got his start in production with Capitol-EMI records. He produced Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) for the likes of Huey Lewis and the News, Tina Turner, the OJays and others. Interviewing talent and creating an interesting narrative were always Ted’s strengths. When he formed his first company he turned his attention to the need for Corporate Films. In the early days of Corporate Video or “Industrials” getting the films and videos out to clients wasn’t nearly as accessible as it is today.

The individual Youtube Channel has revolutionized the need for video and has enabled companies to maximize their investment. But there is still a need for story!

Ted’s background uniquely positions him to find and tell your story effectively. With a Masters of Fine Arts in Theater, Film and Television from UCLA and years of experience in both entertainment and the corporate world, Ted brings together the best of entertainment to the need to deliver a corporate message.

While CEO of Gold Creek Corporate Films, Ted also continues to produce independent film projects. While he has had programming on PBS, his most recent is IVERSON, a 90 minute documentary on the life and legacy of basketball superstar Allen Iverson which aired on Showtime.

Ted is also the Chairman of the Board of the Imagination Connection, a non-profit organization. The Imagination Connection is a mobile arts program dedicated to taking the arts to developmentally disabled adults, at-risk youth, seniors, alzheimer’s patients and veterans.

Ted has also helped to spearhead a program of involving interns from Cal State Northridge with both his production company, Gold Creek Corporate Films, and with the non-profit, The Imagination Connection. This cooperative arrangement provides opportunities for students to gain real-world experiences.

Gold Creek Corporate Films involves student interns in production and The Imagination Connection employs artists from the Masters Program in Arts.

Ted is also a member of member of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.

James Hall

James Hall is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking and serves as a Director of Photography in the entertainment industry. James earned an Emmy nomination for his work on the A&E series “Intervention” and has been responsible for the Cinematography of programming on all the major networks, most recently working in both Alaska and the Yukon for Animal Planet and National Geographic. His camera skills as well as his knowledge and enthusiasm for Stereo 3D and Virtual Reality bring a level of expertise that is, at this time, extremely rare in the video and film industry.