Corporate Film Resources

meetingIf we were to create a Corporate Video Definition worthy of Webster’s Dictionary it would be something like: A Digital Video Asset which informs and entertains the viewer and ultimately drives traffic to the presenter’s primary website, increasing business and profits.
Corporate Video Ideas begin with the client. Our first meeting is on us! Gold Creek Corporate consults with you and try to understand what you want to accomplish and who you’re trying to reach.

Don’t know where to start? Sometimes it’s just helpful to find a video that you like to give us an idea. It’s not always easy to describe what you see or what you think you want. With your input in mind, we develop the Corporate Video Script , which is often simply an outline or bullet points which will guide us through a preliminary interview or provide the basis for the Corporate Video Storyboard.

Not all videos need a storyboard but all videos need an outline. We need to know where we’re going. Some of that can begin now. Here are some corporate video tips:
• Who is your audience?
• What’s the one thing you want them to know?
• What is the response you would like from your viewer?
Since video is a visual medium, there are some production questions you might think about as well:
• Is there a location you would like to use?
• Do you want to deliver your own message?
• Do you see someone on camera talking or just a voiceover?
• What kind of music do you hear in the video?
• What images do you see?
• Are there graphics? Still photographs?

What are the types of videos offered by Gold Creek Corporate Films:
Corporate Profile Video:
This 2-4 minute video offers an overview of your business/service/company. It is a personal introduction to you and your story.
These 40-90 second videos feature one of your satisfied clients/customers, talking about your outstanding services or business.
These 1-4 minute videos are the ‘bread and butter’ of corporate video marketing. Viewers are coming to YouTube seeking information that you possess. You’re an expert in your field. The more information you give away, the more loyalty and viewership you build. The more viewers you have, the more likely those people are to visit your website.
While short ads can be effective, simply producing a traditional commercial may or may not be the most effective use of your video marketing dollars. While Gold Creek Corporate Films can produce commercials, we make sure it is the wisest choice for your company to achieve the goals you want.