432-1715 CD Cover-Side01 (Page 1)As part of Gold Creek Films, Gold Creek Corporate Films also creates dynamic marketing tools for the tourism industry.  Having worked with the Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT) and individual rural communities in both Nevada and California, Gold Creek understands the unique challenges and opportunities of tourism.

Gold Creek also developed audio touring tracks. Available as downloads and physical CDs the tracks were informative and entertaining. Press the track number when entering a little town and get some fascinating tales and stories of the buildings and features you see around you.

“The Audio-Tourguide CD which you developed and produced…has been a
resounding success with thousands of copies already distributed and tens of
thousands more in the pipeline.”

~ Brian Krolicki, Lt. Governor, State of Nevada


*A fold-out cardboard Virtual Reality viewer which can be branded with your Logo.

We are currently working on new ways to bring exciting experiences to viewers so that they can become visitors. One of those ways is the unique application of Virtual Reality.


Gold Creek developed an App called The Maximum Tourguide, designed for audio tracks to be instantly triggered when nearing an interesting town,
site or feature.
Gold Creek also produces a video series called “History to Go” which features bits of history throughout the West.
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In addition Gold Creek has developed on-site interpretive materials such as signage and brochures to further enhance the visitor experience. The materials also serve to promote attractions and features for the state and individual communities.
Brochure developed for touring corridor.